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Watercolor Stain




When I was in college, I was convinced (by my mom) to take a ceramic class. Prior to this class, I had no experience with clay and had no interest either. However, towards the middle of the semester, my attitude began to change. When it was time to sign up for classes again, I signed up for a second term. The more I put my hands in clay, the more into it I became. Fast forward to my last semester of college, and I knew I had to take it once more. By the end of my three semesters, it wasn’t just something I took to get some credits completed in school, but it became a passion. 

I made so many pieces but unfortunately I couldn’t keep them all so I started to give some away as gifts to family and friends. However, a friend of mine and my ceramic professor Pedro, advised me to start selling and ADRIANA K. ART was born! 


Every piece is created by hand with love and passion. All are unique pieces, and not one is exactly the same. A piece may look similar to another one but each has its own beauty. This is what ADRIANA K. ART is all about! Therefore, my wish for all of you is that you find a ceramic piece that is as unique and special as you are! Now, I invite you to explore my website! Enjoy!

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